Seducing my high school bully was probably not my smartest move.

If he didn’t look so good, my knees wouldn’t go weak near him still.

Now I keep imaging those ripped muscles holding me tight. 

He doesn’t remember me and teasing him sends wishes of what might be if we were different. 

This all started when i wanted to teach him a lesson, but now I’m wanting him. The weekend wedding we’re attending ends soon and if I don’t follow through, I might miss finding out what happens when we’re alone.

This time I won’t just be Chloe the ugly fat four eyed porker.


Something about Chloe winds me up and I want to get her alone.

Soon we’ll ditch the wedding clothes and taste every inch of each other.

My brother’s wife has warned me to stay away from Chloe, but I never follow rules.

I need her now.

But I won’t give her what I don’t have… a heart.