Saw had been my father’s business protege or so he seemed. Turned out he’d been a billionaire and out to destroy me. I’d once believed him and now I have a secret. I had his baby. I’d left San Francisco and had our little one in Denver.

I’m only back to settle the will and then I’m leaving again. I never wanted to see Sav, but he’s found me at my hotel and he’s even more devastatingly handsome with those muscles and my body betrays my mind for wanting him still.

I can’t stay though. He’ll hate me as much as I should hate him. And I can’t risk my heart.


She’d left me once and I thought I’d never see her again.

However she had my baby and never told me.

This time I want another and to be there for everything.

Love was for men with hearts, but I don’t have one of those. However I do keep what’s mine and Elaine is it for me.