The billionaire boss fires people when we don’t follow rules and I’m a temp that’s hoping this time I get a full time job. I should not be thinking about him in that highrise office of his and what his kiss might taste like. I’d bet being held in those hard muscles of his would send a thrill. I want to rip that tie off him. But I have bills to pay and care for my sister. I have no time for dreams of my billionaire boss. It’s better to not take a risk and keep the steady job that pays the bills. My heart is ready to be his and that’s dangerous



The temp makes the office sweeter but I want nothing more than to slip those panties off her instead of dictating my notes.

I learned long ago it’s better to have rules when it comes to women and Abby clearly doesn’t follow any rules. Touching her is absolutely off limits.

She takes risk and if I break my own rules, she’d gain access to heart I’m not suppose to have.

So I’ll never take the risk.