Dinner with the man I hate.

Absolutely not.

He ruined my life, more than once. In fact, every time I’d seen him, he gets more obnoxious.

This time my parents are involved though so I’m going to face off against him.

Benny still works out everyday clearly as he’s all muscles and hot. He’d get any woman in his bed. He’d even had me, once.

Now he’s proposing marriage, but there is absolutely no way we’d fit.

He’d broken my heart long ago and he’s not getting a second chance.

I refuse.


Dawes men don’t fall in love. I’d been reminded of that since I was sent halfway around the world to stay away from Carrie. Then a few years back I tried to see her but she tossed me out of her life for starting a fight with her boyfriend.

Yet no woman has ever come close to sending me into sweet oblivion except Carrie.

Dawes men might not fall in love, but this time I get to have and keep Carrie.

All she has to do is say yes.