Crushing on my boss is off limits. As the maid, I know he has rules.

But those dark sexy eyes of his haunt me and that hard, muscular frame os his star in my dreams.

No other man I’d ever met had made me dream of the impossible. 

He’s a billionaire. I clean his floors. We’re not from the same universe.

I had no idea one swim in his pool might change anything. He’d never even blinked at me before. But if I don’t stop what’s happening now, I could lose either my chance or my future.


Mirabelle is sweet, and young and innocent. I never want the help, but her nearness makes me want to forget myself. I want nothing more than to taste every part of her body. One of my rules is to never get involved with a woman without setting boundaries.

Rules are made to reward good behavior.

And sweet girls like Mirabelle don’t fit into my life or go to my bed.

I don’t have a heart to give her.